Terms and Conditions


Bank Details: ANZ 06-0479-0620788-00


Fees and classes will be revised annually. (Please see fees & class times as stipulated above);

Class fees are an annual fee divided into four terms;

Discounts have been calculated into Monday classes due to Annual Public holidays;

Invoices will be sent out at the beginning and middle of each term;

If the fees are paid by a third party, please inform Jenny about it to enable invoices to be sent out correctly;

Extra classes can be arranged for a fee if deemed necessary, to cover rental costs of the facility.  Parents will be invoiced accordingly;

Missed classes are non-refundable. Should a student become ill for a prolonged period with proper notice from the Parent/Guardian, a discount will be given;

If fees are in arrears, students will not be allowed back to class, unless Prior arrangements have been made;

Class fees may be paid in instalments by prior arrangement only.




Terms are according to Primary School terms; 

There will be no classes on public holidays and primary school holidays, unless special arrangements have been made; 

Chewing gum is strictly prohibited on the dance floor.  No Food to be consumed during class;

Please bring a bottle of water as running to the water fountain wastes a lot of class time;

It is expected that students will attend classes regularly.  Missing classes is disruptive to the whole class especially when learning routines for Concerts, Exams and/or Assessments;

New students will be placed in a class according to their age group;
An Assessment  will be made for each new student after a period and the student will be placed in a class according to their capabilities.  It is important that the student feels comfortable and capable. In this way no student will be left behind.





We do not have a uniform. Students still need to take pride in their appearance.  Students should ensure that their hair is neat and tidy and that they are clean.


For Hip hop - Any loose fitting clothes that does not limit movement.  Students must wear Sneakers.


For Jazz / Contemporary - Any tight fitting clothes that makes movement of the body visible i.e. Leggings & Singlet.

-Nothing that inhibits movement – No skirts or Jeans.  Students to be bare feet. 






Misbehaviour will not be tolerated in class. Students are here to learn.  Students who misbehave, will be asked to leave the classroom;
It is the students responsibility to be on time for class and wait quietly and respectfully when waiting for their class;

If you disagree with an examiner, teacher, adjudicator or critic, raise the issue through the appropriate channels. Talk to Jenny first. 

If you have something serious to discuss, please don’t do it in front of students, talk to Jenny in private;
If you have an issue with a student in class please do not approach them, please approach Jenny in private to allow us to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. You do not always understand their situation;
Always keep Jenny up to date with your child’s emotional wellbeing.  It enables us to deal with the student in the correct way.




Parents will be notified if a student is entered for an Exam or Assessment;

Exams or Assessments  are a good way for the student and parent to see where they are on technical and performance level;

A fee will be charged to cover hire of hall, refreshments for examiner/s and other incidental costs.
Fees are non-refundable except in the case of a medical emergency.

A timetable will be circulated to Parent/Guardian in advance of Exams or Assessments.  We will attempt to accommodate requests, however any changes will affect the entire class, so please respond promptly should you be unable to attend at your allotted time.


Since we do not have a Uniform, dancewear for Exams or Assessments are as follows: 


Jazz & Contemporary:

Girls: Black leggings, black singlet

Boys: Black tracksuit pants / shorts & black T shirt

Bare feet


Hip Hop: 

Same as above 

Students to wear Black and/or White Sneakers



High Pony or Plait – gelled back, no fringes

Students with short hair don’t need gelled hair.

Brown hair clips and/or bobby pins, NO fancy hair clips

NO Jewelry or Nail polish (stud earrings allowed)



The Concert is always the highlight of the students year to showcase what they have learnt;
The 2 weekends prior to the concert and the whole Friday and Saturday on the weekend of the concert will be used for rehearsals. Please commit  your child to attending all of these.  You will be notified of the dates well in advance;

The Parent / Guardian is responsible for the cost of costumes;

Parents will be informed of extra class times and activities well in advance, if deemed necessary;

If a student misses 2 or more classes in a row before Exams, Assessments  & Concerts the student may be withdrawn from the group.  Exceptions will only be made in the case of a medical event with a doctors certificate, a reasonable explanation or pre-arrangement by the Parent/Guardian. Any money paid for entry fees or costumes are non-refundable.
Parents need to give written notice well in advance (ideally a full term) if your child will not be participating in the concert, whether they are still attending class or not.  Last minute withdrawals create logistical nightmare and ARE VERY DISRUPTIVE TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. We want to make the Concert a fun event.



No liability will be accepted for any injury obtained during classes or rehearsals.


Please do not disturb the instructor (Jenny) with questions during class as this wastes a lot of teaching time. I will gladly answer all queries you have before or after class.  You can contact me on:

021 026 21373






Here are a few tips on how your child can get the most of his/her dance lesson.

If your children are interested, encourage them.

If children are not willing to dance, do not force them.
Teach your children that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so that the result of each performance or examination is accepted without undue disappointment.
Encourage your children to always participate according to the rules.
Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or not passing an examination.
Remember, children must be involved in dancing for their enjoyment, not yours….
Applaud good performances by all the performers, not only the individual.

Encourage your child to dance and perform at home in front of you.  It builds their self-esteem.